Natwest Island Games XVI - Jersey Island Games - a time to shine

The Jersey Legacy


The successful delivery of the 2015 Natwest Island Games will mark the completion of a project which began with the establishment of a bid committee in 2009. Having won the bid in June 2010, the Organising Committee was formed, and embarked on a programme to deliver the best Games ever. From the outset the Committee understood that to be truly successful the Games would have to be much more than 6 days of competition and it has strived to endow for future generations a lasting legacy. 

This legacy will be delivered across four themes:

Four themes:  Profile Jersey - Active Jersey: -Facilities Jersey - Community Jersey.

  1. Introduction and background
    1. Jersey will host the XV1 Natwest Island Games from June 28th to July 3rd 2015. It will be the biggest Island Games ever with over 3000 athletes and team officials from 24 Islands in 14 sports.
    2. This event is one of many being held in the Island in 2015. In addition to well established annual events which attract many visitors Jersey will host celebrations to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation and the World Division 6 Cricket Tournament.
    3. Jersey won the bid to host the Natwest Island Games in June 2010. The States of Jersey backed the bid by underwriting the cost of the Games which will be delivered with a budget of £1.9 Million. The initial 2015 Organising Committee (2015OC) was formed in 2010 and has grown since then. It is responsible for the planning and delivery of the Games. The 2015OC is made up of volunteers who have been selected for their knowledge and experience. 
    4. The 2015OC has raised £600k of the budget through sponsorship, support in kind from suppliers, and fees from competitors, officials and visitors. All events are free to enter with the exception of the Opening Ceremony which has approximately 1500 tickets to sell to spectators.
    5. The 2015OC is supported by two paid officers, who will be employed for 2 years and 18 months, as well as numerous volunteers in the lead up to the Games and 400 Waitrose Games makers who will be the face of the Games during the time that visiting Islands will be in Jersey.

  2. Legacy
    1. Since the bidding phase there has been an emphasis on the positive and lasting benefits that could be achieved for Jersey. These benefits are often collectively described as the ‘legacy’.
    2. The Jersey 2015 legacy is set around 4 themes: Profile Jersey - Active Jersey: -Facilities Jersey - Community Jersey.
    3. Profile Jersey – using the Games to raise the profile of Jersey both internally and externally  and contribute to the growth of the economy
    4. Active Jersey – using the Games to help the Jersey community to be more physically active and involved with sport 
    5. Facilities Jersey – using the Games to upgrade and improve facilities and equipment for the benefit of locals and visitors attending the Games and also beyond 2015
    6. Community Jersey – using the Games to engage the whole community through, sport, culture, participation  and learning in a sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

  3. Fit for the Future
    1. ‘Fit for the Future’ a five year strategy for sport and physical activity in Jersey 2014-2018 was written very much with the Natwest Island Games in mind. In the knowledge that the Games were being held in Jersey the Strategy attracted £6 million increased funding from the States, over the period 2014 and 2015. This funding has supported facility development as well as implementing initiatives which have supported legacy objectives of the Games.
    2. Fit for the Future will be monitored on an annual basis and a report will be produced to   review progress against objectives. The first report was published in January 2015 and shows good progress to date. A specific review will take place following the Games to report on the outcomes which will include   legacy at that point. Further annual reports on Fit for the Future will include legacy items specific to the Natwest island Games which are outlined below.

  4. What is our legacy?
    1. Profile Jersey
    2. It is expected that there will be in excess of 4000 visitors for the Games in  Jersey during the week of the Games which will bring in over £3.8 million to the local economy. The 2015 OC anticipates that Visit Jersey will be target marketing those visitors to attract them back in future years, and would also hope that experiencing the Games and all that Jersey has to offer will have visitors themselves wanting to share with relatives and friends when they return home.
    3. A medical conference will be organised during the week which will raise levels of knowledge for those working with sport competitors in Jersey and other Islands
    4. Financial and ‘in kind’ support from local businesses will raise over £400,000 towards the Games and allow them opportunities to raise their profile in the Island and beyond.
    5. Refurbishment of facilities provided opportunities for clients on the Back to Work scheme to work on many projects to improve and refurbish sport facilities. As a result of the work several  gained  fulltime employment
    6. Over 50 visiting media will promote Jersey and raise its profile to 23 Islands with a total population of 1.2 million.  This promotion will also reach regions beyond the Islands, especially in the British Isles and also with some National coverage
    7. The Games website will attract numerous hits raising the profile of Jersey. It will stay live after the Games carrying the results and links to Tourism, venues, and local companies as sponsors and partners. The Isle of Wight and Bermuda websites still attract visitors. Successful hosting of the Natwest Island Games will inspire more sports to organise events in the future and attract more visiting participants.
    8. One of the partners of the Games provided a ‘free’ to Jersey App indicating special offers in St Aubin’s at  attractions, restaurants and sport venues. This may be available for use in future for Visit Jersey. 
    9. Involvement of Liberty Bus in providing transport system for visiting and local participants encouraging local people to ‘take the bus’ for the week and maintain the habit afterwards. 
    10. Green initiatives used during the Games will include recycling at venues  and support from Jersey water to make use of natural resource with reusable bottles  and reduce use of plastic or glass. Extra transport is being provided to venues. However, wherever possible participants are being accommodated close to their sports venue, so those housed within 25 minutes of the venue will be expected to walk.

  5. Active Jersey
    1. The award of the Games inspired many of the initiatives contained in the Sport and Physical Activity Strategy 2014 -2018 for Jersey called ‘Fit for the Future’ which aimed to inspire more people to get more active and take part in sport.
    2. Specifically it will:
    3. Increase Club, coach and volunteer development by supporting   50 clubs in  working towards Jersey Clubmark  accreditation  to raise standards of governance, administration and safety   by undertaking 112 DBS checks  with  133 volunteers  attending Child Protection courses 
    4. Deliver School swimming programmes to ensure all children in year 6 of Primary Schools are able to swim. 
    5. Deliver 2500 PE lessons in 22 schools by qualified coaches to support teachers in the delivery of a high quality PE programme
    6. Provide extra funding to support individuals and teams from clubs and associations to travel off Island to prepare them for the games and raise standards of performance
    7. Provide finance to support Strength and Conditioning programmes for athletes on High Performance programmes 
    8. The Organising Committee have also:
      • Recruited 400 Waitrose Games Makers to support the delivery of the Games. All Games makers will receive World Host Training which will be a benefit beyond the Games, especially for those working in Customer Service and the Hospitality industry.
      • Enabled 160 Games Makers to gain First Aid qualifications which benefits the Islands and enabled St John ambulance to recruit? new members.
      • Provided sport specific venue  training to Games makers and support for events prior to the Games

  6. Facilities Jersey
    1. The Games have enabled Jersey to build and invest in high quality facilities
    2. Part of the £1.8 million Game’s budget has supported facility and equipment improvements. In addition, ‘Fit for the Future’ secured   £4.5 million funding to invest in facility development   and refurbishment.  All sports in the Games benefited from this funding to some extent but major projects include:
    3. Refurbishment of the FB athletics track with new stand, cages, jumping areas, flood lights and changing facilities;
    4. New 3G football pitch laid at Springfield with new floodlight lights.
    5. Grant and loan towards new dome and covers for courts at Caesarean Tennis Club
    6. Installation of electric supply to clubhouses and improvements at Crabbe Shooting ranges including installation of electronic targets
    7. Refurbishment to changing facilities at Les Quennevais Pool and installation of new electronic scoreboard.
    8. Refurbishment to changing facilities and installation of scoreboards for basketball and volleyball at Fort Regent.
    9. Refurbishment of clubhouses by the Back to Work team at Club football pitches, Jersey Badminton Association hall, Caesarean tennis club, shooting clubs, Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre and Spartans athletic club.
    10. New timing equipment for cycling and archery associations
    11. Non Games facility improvements include:
    12. A new hockey surface laid at Les Quennevais with improved floodlights and refurbished grandstand
    13. Artificial turf pitches laid on school sites at d ’Auvergne School, Janvrin School, Samares School and Haute Vallee School.
    14. New ball courts and tennis Courts laid at Les Mielles Tennis Club and Grainville tennis Club, both with new lights and fencing.

  7. Community Jersey - Inspiring people and communities to get involved
    1. 400 Waitrose Games makers have been trained and involved in preparation for the Games leading to a high presence during the week of the Games. Opportunities for their involvement in future events and activities will be provided following the Games.
    2. All Jersey Primary Schools have been twinned with a School from a member Island and are supported to develop learning opportunities for both schools. Visits from competitors from visiting Islands will be encouraged during the Games and Jersey Schools will hopefully support their twin Island. Waitrose Games makers will be / are? presenting assemblies in all Primary Schools and there will be a day of School Games between schools as the island they represent
    3. The Jersey Pin badge competition in Schools proved to be a great success and the winner, designed by a Jersey student is on sale in support of the Games.
    4. Indigo, a local baby Gorilla born and reared at Durrell Conservation Park is the mascot for the Games. Replicas will be given to medal winners in addition to being available to purchase. This has promoted Durrell’s, and raised money to support the Wildlife Park.
    5. Support has been received from many organisations including Transport and Technical Services, the Ports of Jersey, States of Jersey Police, The Honorary Police and Health and Social Services.