Natwest Island Games XVI - Jersey Island Games - a time to shine

Our Mascot

Meet our official mascot: Indigo – an infant Silverback gorilla who lives at Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey.

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust’s mission is to save species from extinction and Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey is recognised internationally for its work.

Lee Durrell, Honorary Director of Durrell, said: “We are thrilled that our young gorilla has been chosen and we look forward to welcoming the athletes and their families and friends to the wildlife park during their visit next year.

“Durrell’s work including captive breeding programmes, training international students in conservation, and 45 field projects in 14 countries, demonstrates how small organisations and small islands can make a positive impact on the international arena.”

This is the first time that the NatWest Island Games have had a single living animal representing its spirit and values. 
The Island Games Association delegates have already visited Indigo, and all competitors and other visitors will have the chance during Jersey 2015. Toy versions of the Silverback with the Jersey 2015 logo will be given to medal winners and sold to raise money for Durrell. 

Phil Austin, chairman of the Jersey 2015 Organising Committee, said: “Indigo is young, energetic and active, and with the right encouragement, diet and exercise will grow into a strong Silverback.
“It is similar for the thousands of competitors who are preparing to come to Jersey. Their attitude, dedication and general wellbeing will all help shape whether they are able to represent their island, and how well they do when they are here.

“By coming together in friendship and under a sporting banner, the NatWest Island Games enables is to share our varied cultures and history. On a wider platform, as small independent islands we can also share and discuss joint concerns such as conservation, and by adopting Indigo we bring to the fore the need for all of us to protect and nurture our own unique environments and bio-diversity. I am confident that our guests will leave Jersey with some strong global conservation messages and also many fond memories and images of our beautiful island.”