Natwest Island Games XVI - Jersey Island Games - a time to shine

Last day badminton wrap

The week of the NatWest Island Games has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the players, the supporters and the officials involved in the badminton events. It’s been a week full of excitement whether it was on or off the court.

Last day badminton wrap

The morning of the last day commenced with the bronze medal playoffs for the men’s and ladies’ doubles. With the outcome being Jersey winning the bronze for men’s doubles and Faroe Islands winning the bronze in ladies’ doubles.

The next two games were the men’s singles and ladies’ singles with Faroe Islands winning bronze for men’s singles and Guernsey winning the bronze for ladies’ singles. The final bronze medal playoff was the mixed doubles with Matthew Hayes and Charlotte Barnes winning a bronze for Guernsey with a final score of 0-2 after a close game.

The final afternoon started with the ladies’ doubles finals with Isle of Man winning after a tense game for all. The final point was scored by Gotland accidently hitting the shuttlecock straight into the net.

The next event was the men’s singles with Jersey’s Mark Constable rising to victory with a 2-0 win, the game was tense, and Constable was consistently at double what Eysturoy (Faroes) was scoring. There was much support for both Faroe Islands and Jersey, with the Jerseyman's children among those at courtside and going to hug him after he won.

Kimberly Clague and Cristen Marritt played an incredible match for the ladies’ doubles, with them ending up winning the gold with a 2-0 score. Both teams served a number of hard shots however Isle of Man rose to the top. After the match all players hugged one another and shook hands with the umpire.

Men’s doubles was next with a climatic finish between Greenland’s winning duo of Bror Madsen and Kens Frederik Nielsen with a 2-0 score. They worked well together and were quick with their shots, earning their island their first medal of Jersey 2015 - and it was a gold!

The penultimate match was the ladies’ singles with Faroe Islands going against Isle of Man. Both ladies played a number of incredible shots resulting in a 0-2 win for Faroe’s Rannvá Djurhuus Carlsson.

The final game of the week was the mixed doubles between the two teams consisting of Shetland Islands' Shona Mackey and Gordon Keith who were up against Gotland’s Björn Eriksson and Caroline Gate. Gotland won the gold overall with a score of 0-2, meaning that the final gold medal of this week goes to Gotland.

It has been an incredible and inspiring week.

Words: Alicia Henderson - Pics: Dave Crocker & Charlotte Angell