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Badminton team event seeding and draw completed

The seeding and draw have been completed for the badminton team event.

The seeding was performed by the Badminton Technical Committee which was elected at the previous NatWest Island Games and includes representatives from several islands. Seeding took into account both the results of islands in previous Games and the individual rankings of the players selected to play in Jersey 2015.

Using this system, the first four islands were seeded and placed into four groups. The other islands were then seeded 5 to 13, and banded 5 to 8 and 9 to 12. One team from each ‘band’ was then drawn into each group. The thirteenth seed was placed into the group with the fourth seed.

The draw was performed by the Secretary of the Technical Committee, along with the Tournament Scheduler (who is independent from all islands). The results are:

Group A Group B Group C Group D
The seeding and draw results
Jersey (1) Faroe Islands (2) Isle of Man (3) Guernsey (4)
Greenland Gibraltar Bermuda Gotland
Falkland Islands Orkney Shetland Isle of Wight
      Ynys Môn



For more information on the process (but not for any interviews regarding individual teams), please contact Jean Cross, Jersey Badminton Organising Committee and Member of the Technical Committee, by emailing Alternatively, contact Kathy Stuart, Guernsey Member of the Technical Committee and Island Games Executive Committee on

Badminton individual tournament

For the individual tournament, the seeding has been done, and the draw will be performed in the week before Jersey 2015. This allows for any injuries / replacements to be that may occur. The seeding will be published at the same time as the draw.





Published: 5/27/2015