Natwest Island Games XVI - Jersey Island Games - a time to shine

Islanders learn they can get involved

This week, flyers are being distributed to every household in Jersey, advising them how they can get involved in the NatWest Island Games.

The 45,000 flyers include a map of all the venues and invite all islanders to support not only Team Jersey, but all competitors at the events, which are free to watch and do not require tickets.

Islanders are encouraged:

  • to stay informed about the Games before and during the week by signing up for the newsletter and following the NatWest Island Games on Facebook and Twitter
  • to go and watch the more than 900 free events
  • to help reduce traffic congestion by walking, cycling, getting a bus, or lift-sharing to work, and by asking for their employer's permission to do flexitime in order to avoid rush hour and spectate 

Games Director Steve Bailey said: "While hundreds of islanders are already aware of the Games - either because they are involved or know people who are - we know that not everyone is in that position. We are distributing a flyer to each household because we want them not only to be aware of the Games, but to become part of them as supporters. More than 900 sporting events are taking place during the week, and we are sorry about any disruption that is caused. We hope that they will understand, and recognise what a great event this will be."

Different flyers have previously been distributed to the businesses and homes along the roads that will be temporarily closed for the triathlon and cycling time trial, road race, and town criterium.

Published: 5/31/2015


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