Natwest Island Games XVI - Jersey Island Games - a time to shine

Jersey Met delivers Games weather info

As the NatWest Island Games draws closer, everyone involved is keeping an increasingly close eye on the weather.


The Jersey Meteorological Department (Jersey Met) has been working with, and is committed to providing extensive weather information to organisers, competitors and officials of Jersey 2015.

Among the services to be provided by Jersey Met for the Games are the following features:

  • Daily access to a dedicated Jersey Met forecaster for organisers with specific needs for particular events
  • a daily six-day forecast to be distributed to visiting teams, venues and organisers during the week leading up to the Games, and in Games week
  • live data which will be available for specific events and locations: this will include the ability to track any rain that could be heading towards Jersey, and wind data / forecasts for the sailing and windsurfing events that will take place in St Aubin's Bay
  • a daily UV Index forecast which will underline the importance of protecting skin against the potentially harmful effects of the mid-summer sun

The essential weather information will be on the Games and Jersey Met websites and have a high profile on social media. Printed copies will also be made available at venues.

Jersey Met website
@nwigweather on Twitter
@jersey_met on Twitter
@nwislandgames on Twitter
Jersey Met - NatWest Island Games XVI Weather Facebook site

Comprehensive forecasting

Jersey Met has provided a comprehensive forecasting and weather warning service to the Channel Islands since the 1950s; today's meteorologists carry out their work utilising a range of forecast models, radar and satellite imagery, and expert local knowledge.

"The NatWest Island Games is a hugely significant event for Jersey, and for the thousands of visitors who will be coming to the Island," said Acting Principal Meteorological Officer John Searson. "Our preparations began 18 months ago, and our small team developed a plan to ensure everyone has the very latest weather information. By using a dedicated team to look at the events, we will also ensure our day-to-day operational commitments are not affected by any additional work, particularly in poor weather. We have achieved this by limiting staff leave during the period and some of the team have volunteered to work additional hours to cover the Games events at no extra cost.”

“Experience gained during the Island Games period will also benefit our day-to-day work. The use of social media to distribute forecasts and information will be reviewed as something we may use more into the future.”

Jersey 2015 Games Director Steve Bailey said: "The weather is invariably a subject of conversation in Jersey throughout the year, and with the majority of our sporting events taking place outdoors, it's inevitable that it will come into even sharper focus as the event approaches.

"We hope that we'll have settled conditions so that everything can proceed as planned, but in any event, detailed forecasts and data are essential for organisers and competitors, and this is where the contribution of Jersey Met will be invaluable."


Notes to Editor

For more information call Tom Innes on 07829 959888 or Alex Mallinson on 07797 744228

Published: 6/19/2015


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