Natwest Island Games XVI - Jersey Island Games - a time to shine

Opening Ceremony tickets sell out

Tickets to Opening Ceremony sold out in just 14 minutes.

More than 6,000 people will be in the Games Village (Howard Davis Park) for the ceremony on Saturday 27 June which marks the start of Jersey 2015. The majority of tickets have gone to the competitors and officials from the 14 disciplines and 24 islands, but around 1,500 have been sold to members of the public. Tickets went on sale at 2.30pm BST yesterday (Thursday 14 May), and sold out by 2.45pm.

Streaming to giant screens

The whole ceremony will be streamed live on to giant screens in Liberation Square and St Aubin, and it's hoped that anyone who was not able to get a ticket will enjoy the event from there. 

The Chairman of the Organising Committee, Phil Austin, said: "I'm sorry for anyone who wanted to go to the Opening Ceremony but has been unable to get a ticket, and I hope that they go to the two sites of the screens, both of which will also have a great atmosphere. There will be more than 900 sporting events taking place over the week, all of which are free and almost all of which will be unticketed, and I hope that islanders will also go, not only to cheer on Team Jersey, but also to see the thousands of fantastic sportsmen and women from around the world who are competing.

“The tickets went on sale at 2.30pm because we wanted to make them simultaneously available to the public of all Islands and that time-frame was the most convenient to the vast majority. There has been demand for Opening Ceremony tickets from all 24 islands," he said. "We were limited to 6,000 tickets and we have had to be as fair as possible to everyone, and I think we have achieved that. We are putting on the biggest NatWest Island Games ever, and the high demand is the price of that success. I hope that everyone will enjoy the ceremony, whether they are in the Games Village or watching on a screen, and that they then follow what promises to be a fantastic week of sport."

Published: 5/15/2015