Natwest Island Games XVI - Jersey Island Games - a time to shine

Travelling to Jersey

Jersey has excellent links to the UK and the Continent by air and by sea.

By air

From London there are at least 12 flights a day to Jersey, with journey times of less than an hour. Regular scheduled flights also depart to the island from over 25 UK regional airports.

Where we fly to / from on Jersey Airport website

By sea

If you wish to bring a vehicle to the Island, fast ferry services leave from the south coast of England. Sail from Poole with Condor Ferries and you can be in Jersey in four hours. Ferries also depart daily to and from St Malo in the Brittany region of north-west France, with journey times of around 75 minutes.

Routes and timetables on Condor Ferries website

Do you need a passport?

British citizens and citizens of the Irish Republic do not require passports or visas to visit Jersey. Other EU citizens require only their ID cards for entry. Citizens from non-EU countries will need a passport and should check before travelling whether a visa is required.

Do you need a Visa?

There are three categories of persons who may wish to travel to the conference:

  1. A European Economic Area (EEA) national, no visa needed
  2. A non- EEA national needing a visa
  3. A non-EEA, non-visa national

Information on these categories with links to the UK Border Agency is given below.

  1. An EEA national wishing to come to Jersey to attend a conference can do so without restriction. Click here to see a list of EEA countries:
  2. Any person who is a non-EEA national and is a visa national will need a Business Visit Visa to travel to Jersey from abroad to attend the conference.

If you need help finding out if you are a visa national, click here.

The Visa application process can take up to 6 weeks to process, so you are advised to apply early. The visa will have to be applied for by the delegate in their home country at their nearest Diplomatic Post (Embassy or High Commission). A Business Visit Visa is normally valid for a period of 6 months. As part of the application, the applicant will have to provide details of the conference and a letter of invitation from the conference organisers. When you register for the conference, we will send you an official letter of invitation for you to present to your Diplomatic Post as well as a personal invitation which you may need to present at your port of entry.

3. A non-EEA national, who is not a visa national (click here for more information), and who wishes to visit Jersey from abroad to attend a conference can do so without any form of pre-clearance (visa). However, a letter of invitation provided by the organisers of the conference explaining the purpose of the visit will help you when seeking entry at the border. We will send this to you when you register for the conference.

Please Note: If a non-EEA delegate is already in the UK with valid UK immigration permission then s/he may travel to Jersey without the need for any further leave from Jersey immigration.

No Do you need a visa? Are you from the EEA?